First to Respond
We Are Proud to Call the Men and Women Who Are There in Our Greatest Times of Need

Support the Heroes There For Us In Our Time of Need

Firefighters are an essential part of every community; there when disaster strikes and ready to run into dangerous situations to help others.


We recognize and appreciate the sacrifices they make to keep us safe.

When a health crisis strikes, paramedics and EMTs are there to respond and care for the well-being of others above themselves…

A truly heroic act that we are proud and honored to recognize.

We recognize and appreciate the sacrifices they make to keep us safe.

With the help of our wonderful clients and Helping American Heroes we continue to support and make differences in the lives of First Responders across the country.

Your Support Helps Us Continue To Help Heroes Like These


We were honored to be able to help Mike, a firefighter shot while running to another victim during the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas. We are Proud to call Mike a true Hero.

Wendi has been a firefighter with Cal Fire since 1995 and helps her community in many ways. When she found she had breast cancer, we felt it was our duty to help her in her time of need.

Chip was a Lt. Firefighter Paramedic who lost his ability to work after cancer-related chemo. After 18 years of service in the City of Cocoa, Chip deserved some support and we were honored that we could help.

We thank all the first responders nationwide for putting their life on the line to keep us safe.