Experienced Closer Needed
Work from Home

Ask Yourself:

Would you like a fat bank account when corona is just a beer again?

Does money motivate you?

Are you ready to reach the next level in the sales game?

This is a work from home position and what a better time to work from home? 

Are you used to being top dog on the sales board ? Are you closing deals every day?  Every Hour ?

We want you on our team!

You will thrive with us throughout this current situation because our team will set you up for success!

This is a commissioned sales position paying the best percentages you will find and our product is essential to helping struggling businesses survive throughout this epidemic.

Great Opportunity For People From The Following:

Real Estate Agents
Auto Sales
Merchant Processing Sales
Insurance Sales
Inside Sales
Outside Sales
Internet Sales
Gym Membership Sales
Timeshare Sales

We are looking for Closer’s that thrives on commission based sales.


If you want to join us, being successful will only require you to put in the work it requires day in and day out to win. If you are willing to dedicate time and grow every day with us then this is the Job for you!

If you are truly a beast and willing to do what others won’t…. MEANING, When you see an obstacle, you only get better. When a prospect says no, all you hear is start of your sale, then we are looking for you. Let’s see you bring you’re A game. Were about your growth, success AND GETTING YOU PAID! You should be too.

Due to COVID-19 our positions are filling up on a first come first serve basis.

Outbound B2B Position Details:

We provide the CRM, Leads & Phone Software. You will cold call, prospect and close the deal. Your time is valuable, so we are looking for motivated Pros that will bring their A Game Every day.


– You must have a dedicated home office free of distractions and noise.

– You must be able to work consistently without supervision

*All you need is an internet connection a laptop or computer and a headset with microphone.

*This is a straight commission position.



*Get 30% of all payment made from your sales.