Your Phone Support ?

We’ll Take Care of You While You Take Care of Your Employees.

Our US based call center is ready with over 200 agents in Arizona and Tennessee and can help with the overwhelming flood of incoming calls you are experiencing.

Agents are at state correctional facilities and are lower level inmates. They are highly trained, dedicated, drug tested and are pre-screened to work by the Department of Corrections.

No one can guarantee uninterrupted operations in times like these. However our agents live and work on site – essentially self quarantined. Our call center would be the last call center shut down

  • Our facility is secure. We can answer and transfer calls, answer tier 1 type questions and send emails, . We allow access to certain websites to facilitate the program. Tell us what websites would need to be accessed and we can respond with a yes or no ASAP.
  • This must be a tier 1 type support or phone answering – transferring to the correct agency (i.e. easy). There is no time to waste, it is our preference that training be done in 1 day or less.
  • Many agents are bilingual in Spanish and English. Other languages may be available.
  • Rate will be a low of $40 per hour. No other fees and no per minute contract.
  • 80-100 minimum seats, up to 200.
  • Minimum contract length 3 Months. No cancel allowed unless for our performance failure
  • Paid in advance at least weekly. Exceptions made for state or federal contracts. We are listed as a vendor on
  • This must be approved by the Department of Corrections, however due to the situation a fast track approval program is in place.
  • Agents can transfer outgoing calls using a cold or hot transfer and send pre-designed email. Email does have some restrictions, “boiler plate” emails are not an problem.
  • We cannot receive any calls that deal with personal information such as date of birth(can ask “what age are you”), social security number or credit card payments.
  • Current hours available – 6am to 5pm M-F. Possible 24/7.
  • You can monitor calls, see all agents screen activity, all calls are recorded. All inmates have excellent equipment reducing background noise to a minimum.
  • References – We have a proven track record of securely operating call centers in state and federal correctional facilities for close to 10 years. References and point of contact at each correctional facility available upon request.

Call (833) 437-6435 ask for Joe, Jeff or Andrew.